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Pre-emergence flat spray nozzle PRE

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/02_produkte/landtechnik/duesen_flaechenkulturen/content/pre_165x250.jpg LechlerDE-Shop:/images/02_produkte/landtechnik/duesen_flaechenkulturen/content/pre_techn_zeichnung.jpg

Spray angle: 130°
Material: POM


  • Flat spray nozzle with horizontal jet formation
  • Nozzle size 05
  • Pressure range: 1.5 to 8.0 bar
  • Extremely low drift in complete pressure range
  • Recommended height of spray boom 0.4 to 0.6 m at 50 cm nozzle spacing
  • Nozzle and cap one piece, fits to standard nozzle holder system MULTIJET
  • Included in the JKI list of "Drift and loss reducing Techniques"

Range of application

  • Application of clomazone containing pre-emergence herbicides
  • Turfgrass spraying
  • Liquid fertilizer

Main benefits of PRE nozzles

  • 95% drift reduction from 1.5 to 5.0 bar
  • More flexible realization of distance to water requirements
  • Large pressure range from 1.5 to 8.0 bar
  • High working rate by adaption of l/ha-rate and forward speed
  • Extreme reduction of fine droplet fraction
    - Lowest risk of drift towards sensitive areas and neighboring crops
    - Due to time application even under bad weather conditions
  • Quick assembly as nozzle and cap is one piece
  • Prevention of splashing on boom by backwards directed flat fan
  • Wide spray angle of 130° guaranties multiple overlap and uniform cross distribution
  • Good biological performance of clomazone containing pre-emergence herbicides
  • Toolless removal of dosage insert for cleaning purpose
  • Patented nozzle with specific afflux and discharge

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Spray table for pre-emergence flat spray nozzles PRE