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News Environmental Industry

News Environmental Industry

Here you find the latest news of Environmental Industry:

New brochure: Precision Spray Nozzles and Engineered Solutions for the Power Plant Industry

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/meldungen/titel_broschuere_kraftwerksindustrie-2017_e.jpg The new industry brochure "Power Plant Industry" from the Environmental Technologies sector offers a complete overview of branch specific applications and products.

Lechler is a partner of the synergy alliance for clean air

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/meldungen/UTBW_Flyer_Syngemeinschaft-Luftreinhaltung.jpg Highly qualified, innovative suppliers of exhaust air purification solutions "made in Baden-Wuerttemberg" have joined forces in a synergy alliance. Lechler GmbH is a partner of this synergy community.

New Brochure: Nozzle Lances and Systems for the Cement Industry

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/aktuelles_teaser_zementbroschuere_80x113px_gb.jpg The new industry brochure "Cement Industry" from the Environmental Technologies sector offers a complete overview of branch specific applications and products.

Reduction of multi-emissions

Circulating fluidised bed scrubber vs. spray dryer absorber: Learn more about the reduction of multi-emissions.

Report from VGB PowerTech 5|2016 (by Matthew Fischer and Greg Darling).

VarioJet® nozzles

Lechler VarioJet® nozzles belong to the internally mixing two-fluid nozzles. The water is fed axially via a bore hole and split over a cone in a thin liquid film. In the mixing chamber this thin film of liquid is atomized of the atomizing air in fine droplets. Subsequently, the resultant gas-liquid mixture is atomized a second time as it exits via several of circularly arranged bore holes.

Another SNCR system for long kiln

Recently, a cement producer located in Midwestern USA has selected Lechler to install a SNCR system on their long kiln. The system will be commissioned in second quarter of 2015.

Brochure VarioClean - NOx

This new brochure gives a complete overview of denitrification technology. Lechler supplies advanced nozzle lances and systems in unbeatable quality.