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Company History & Facts

Who is Lechler?

Lechler develops and manufactures precision nozzles for various applications. For this we can fall back on all the experience of our 135-year history.

The extensive knowledge of nozzles among our 700-strong workforce and a deep understanding of typical industry processes mean that we have been at the forefront of innovation in nozzle technology for many years.

Today, Lechler manufactures nozzles in Germany, England, Hungary, India, China and the USA. But despite this international alignment, at our heart we remain a Swabian family company with the typical passion for precision, innovation and the drive to always become better.

Other subsidiary companies plus more than 40 representative offices round off our global sales network.


Company name: Lechler GmbH

Lechler Metzingen

Legal form:

GmbH (limited liability company)
Year of foundation: 1879
Shareholders: Lechler family
Head Office:


Managing Directors:

Walter H. Lechler

Guido Kunzmann

Share Capital:

€ 10 million


Lechler Metzingen areal


€ 100 million (2016)

Number of employees world-wide:


Production locations:

Germany, UK, Hungary, India, China, USA

Special feature:

The shareholders donate 10 % of company revenues to charitable organisations



Company History



Formation of the Lechler company by Paul Lechler on June 16 as a trading house for technical products. The sales program contains machine oils, asbestos products and wood preservatives.

1888 Sealing rings and gaskets based on copper asbestos for steam engines and locomotives are added to the program.
1893 Lechler acquires a patent for spray nozzles and later includes this product into its product line.

Paul Lechler receives the exclusive sales rights for Inertol which is a protective coating.


1915-1919 Lechler starts its own production at the following locations: Stuttgart-Berg, Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt and Stuttgart-Stammheim.
1933 Relocation of the nozzle production to Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt into a building extension of the gasket plant. 
1950 From 1950 on Lechler intensifies the development and the sale of nozzles for dust cleaning applications in mining, for roll cooling and descaling in the steel industry.
1958 Relocation of the factory from Bad Cannstatt to a recently acquired building located in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.

The different product lines of Paul Lechler are separated into independent companies

  • Chemical products: Lechler Bautenschutz Chemie KG, today Sika Chemie which is part of the Sika Group.
  • Gaskets: Lechler Dichtungswerke KG, today Elring Klinger AG.
  • Spraying technology: Lechler Apparatebau KG, today Lechler GmbH



1962 Opening of a sales office in Gelsenkirchen, later on also in Hamburg and Mannheim.
1967 Acquisition and extension of the plant of the former textile factory Joh. Braun in Metzingen and relocation of the production from Feuerbach. 
1972 Acquisition of Kershaw, Hughes & Partners Ltd. in Sheffield/England, today’s Lechler Ltd.
1973 All Lechler companies are moving their sales and administrative activities in the recently built Lechler-House in Fellbach.
1975 Lechler acquires 25 % interest in Spray Engineering Co. in Burlington, Mass./USA..
1977 Purchase of Vollet in Paris, today's Lechler France S.A.
1978/1979 Move of Spray Engineering to Nashua, N.H./USA, take-over of the remaining shares by Lechler. The name is changed to Spraco Inc. 
1983 Lechler first acquires 80 % of Beil Klimatechnik GmbH + Co KG in Radolfzell, a manufacturer of air washers. In 1985, Beil becomes a 100 % subsidiary.
1986 Relocation of Spraco Inc. to St. Charles, Ill. At the same time its name is changed to Lechler Inc.
1988 Increase of the sales program by adding pollution control and desulphurate technology. Later on droplet separator profiles and complete separator systems are included which are manufactured in Nideggen from 1991 onwards.
1992 Formation of Lechler AB in Sweden.
1993 Start of Lechler India (Pvt.) Ltd. in Thane, near Bombay, a 100 % affiliate, to serve the Indian market. Also formation of Lechler Kft. in Kecskemét/Hungary, as a production extension for the production department in Metzingen.
1995 In the course of 1995 the sales and administrative departments move into a newly built office building in Metzingen. For the first time in the company's history all functions are united in one location.
1996 Acquisition of R.E.I. SA in Wavre/Belgium, the former sales representation, as distribution company.
1998 Liquidation of Beil Klimatechnik GmbH + Co KG.
1999 Foundation of Lechler S.A in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid Spain
2000 Inauguration of new AKL.
2001 Change of name from R.E.I. S.A., Belgium, to Lechler S.A. N.V.
2002 Change of Name from Lechler GmbH + Co KG to Lechler GmbH.
2003 Foundation of Lechler Oy Finland in Tuusula.
2004 Foundation of Lechler (Tianjin) International Trading Co., Ltd. in Beijing.
2010 Dedication of the new production facility in Metzingen.

2015 Foundation of Lechler Spray Technology S.r.l. / Italy
2016 Opening of the Development and Technology Center in Metzingen.
2017 Foundation of Lechler Spray Technology Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia.
Today The Lechler group of companies achieves in 2016 a total turnover of around € 100 Mio. with 700 employees world-wide. It owns 13 foreign subsidiaries, 5 of them have their own production facilities. - The global activities are regrouped under the roof of Lechler International GmbH.