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Nozzles for General Industry
Example: Rotating cleaning nozzle XactClean® HP

XactClean® HP

>> More about XactClean® HP

Specially developed flat fan nozzles provide high impact and uniform cleaning for the XactClean® HP.


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NEW! 75% drift reduction with DroplegUL

During flowering in rapeseed, the DroplegUL can be used to underride the flowers and apply the spray in the middle and lower canopy. This system protects bees, as there is no direct spray into the flowers. For this application the DroplegUL with two flood nozzles is registered by the JKI with 75% drift reduction.

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Further information about the use of DroplegUL in rapeseed
LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Video about DroplegUL

New! Nozzle holder relocation kit for liquid fertilization

Usually the spacing of the nozzle holders on field spray booms is 0,5m. For use of hose drops in row crops it is necessary to adjust the position of the hose drop to the row spacing of the crop (e.g. liquid fertilization in maize with the hose drop system 5S).

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Further information

Environmental Technologies

Lechler is partner of the synergy alliance for air pollution control

Highly qualified, innovative suppliers of exhaust air purification solutions "made in Baden-Wuerttemberg" have joined forces in a synergy alliance.

Lechler GmbH is a partner of this synergy community, which bundles competences in order to be able to offer a broad range of solutions.

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Further information

Lechler is a partner of the synergy alliance for air pollution control
General Industry

New! Software for spray shadow simulation

Perfect planning of tank cleaning. With the new Lechler TankClean software a customer-specific spray shadow simulation is possible.

  • Spray shadow analysis
  • Fully customized tank geometry
  • Configurable with efficiency class 1 to 5
LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Further information about Lechler TankClean software
New software for spray shadow simulation

New online nozzle calculators

The proven, useful tool for farmers: with the Lechler online nozzle calculators you can quickly and easily find the right nozzle.
For various applications such as
  • Arable crops
  • Vine & orchard crops
  • DroplegUL
  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Knapsacks
  • Spray frames for three nozzles

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png To the nozzle calculators

New online nozzle calculators
Metallurgical Industry

Billetcooler FLEX® in use - new product videos

Improved strand quality thanks to optimized cooling - this is what Lechler offers with its new nozzle series Billetcooler FLEX®.
The degree of cooling is determined by the flow rate of the cooling water, which is adjusted by means of the water pressure. In the case of conventional air-mist nozzles, the spray geometry usually also changes with the water pressure. The consequences: a changed spray angle, a changed liquid distribution and non-uniform cooling. Billetcooler FLEX® nozzles guarantee a stable spray angle over the entire turn-down ratio for optimum cooling - regardless of the pressure applied.

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png See our new product videos for demonstration.

new product videos

New nozzle generation IDTA

IDTA - the new generation of air injector double flat fan nozzles. Awarded with a silver medal as innovation in nozzle technology.Learn more abaout this new asymmetric air induction double flat fan nozzle.

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png More information about IDTA
LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Directly to IDTA Website
LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png More news

New nozzle generation IDTA
Metallurgical Industry

NEW: Billetcooler FLEX® - Air mist nozzles for optimum cooling in continuous casting

New steel grades and an extended range of steel formats mean new challenges for secondary cooling in continuous casting machines. Hereby the right nozzle technology plays an important role.
With the new nozzle series Billetcooler FLEX® Lechler offers a solution for all kind of formats, like billets, blooms and round formats, which ensures optimum cooling. High operating reliability, low operating and maintenance costs as well as low noise emissions are further essential benefits of this new air mist nozzle generation.

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png More information on Billetcooler FLEX®

News & Events

June 26th to 29th, 2017

ECCC European Continuous Casting Conference in Vienna

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/messen/2017/eccc_80x80px.jpg The 9th European Continuous Casting Conference focusses on new developments in the casting of steel and will continue the tradition of a successful series of events.
June 27th to 29th, 2017

POWER-GEN Europe in Cologne / Germany

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/messen/2017/power-gen-2017_80x80px.jpg POWER-GEN Europe The most  comprehensive energy industry event within Europe.
Visit us in hall 8, booth C90.
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Council Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004

Lechler precision nozzles fulfill the Council Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 beside the FDA requirements.

Lechler Trade Show Performances 2017

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/ankuendigung_messen-2017_80x80px.jpg In 2017, the Lechler team will once again be travelling around the world at trade shows. Visit us and find out about our product innovations. Please find our trade show overview here.

New Brochure: Nozzle Lances and Systems for the Cement Industry

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/aktuelles_teaser_zementbroschuere_80x113px_gb.jpg The new industry brochure "Cement Industry" from the Environmental Technologies sector offers a complete overview of branch specific applications and products.

New brochures: Precision Spray Nozzles for Pickling Lines and Secondary Cooling

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/pickling_cc_titel_news_klein_neu.jpg This new brochure gives a detailed overview of our latest products for pickling lines and secondary cooling.

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Lechler Online Shop for industrial nozzles

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/00_homepage/content/Onl_shop_keyvisual_245rgb_80x80px_en.jpg Order your nozzles quick and easy via the Lechler Online Shop. Make use of the various options to check out prices, delivery time and stock.

Agriculture: The right nozzle for your culture - select them easily!

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/duesenempfehlung_klein_neu.jpg Read our recommendations for for cereals, rapeseed, corn, sugar beet, potato and strawberry.