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Nozzles for General Industry
Example: VarioSpray II - Variable atomization of very small liquid volumes

VarioSpray II 

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New tank cleaning machine 5TA/5TB

The new Lechler high impact tank cleaning machine enables a very efficient cleaning of containers and machines.
Thanks to the powerful solid jets it can solve even the most difficult cleaning tasks.

Due to its hygienic design and high quality it is suitable for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

More information on new tank cleaning machine 5TA/5TB >>

New pre emerge nozzle Lechler PRE 130-05

ID3 is the new nozzle generation with 3 more advantages

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png more information about the new generation ID3

The new pre emerge nozzle is the first nozzle listed at German JKI with the new established 95 % drift reduction classification for field spraying

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png more information about PRE 130-05

New pre emerge nozzle Lechler PRE 130-05
General Industry

New brochure for the Food and Beverage Industry

New Brochure Food and Beverage Industry available

In this brochure we have compiled for you an overview of our tried-and-tested nozzles for the food and beverage industry: Desinfection and Hygiene, Product provision, Product treatment, Filling and Packing.

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png  Download brochure

General Industry

New brochure for Surface Treatment

Brochure for Surface Treatment

This new brochure gives a detailed overview of our products for the surface treatment, e.g. automobile industry, cleaning systems, pretreatment and painting systems, photovoltaic and printed circuit boards industry, part cleaning and rinsing technology.
LechlerDE-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Download brochure

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Lechler Online Shop

Zum Lechler Online Shop Order your nozzles quick and easy via the Lechler Online Shop. Make use of the various options to check out prices, delivery time and stock.

New tank cleaning videos

Watch our new tank cleaning videos compact on our website.

Agriculture: The right nozzle for your culture - select them easily!

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/duesenempfehlung_klein.jpg Read our recommendations for for cereals, rapeseed, corn, sugar beet, potato and strawberry.