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Process optimization with nozzle technology

Process optimization with nozzle technology

Throughout our history, chemistry has played a major role in our company. As early as when his trading company was founded in 1879, Paul Lechler believed in chemistry. Initially the main focus was on technical products, machine oils and wood preservatives, and in 1905 the company gained exclusive sales rights to the protective coating Inertol®. By 1919 he had added his self-produced protective coatings to this portfolio. In 1961, all hemical products were finally combined in a eparate company. Over the course of many decades, this gave rise to a unique understanding of spraying and atomization processes. We are familiar with a wide range of applications at various pressures, temperatures and atmospheres.
Today Lechler offers a wide product range for the optimization of technical processes. Our products are characterised by maximum precision and reproducibility. Today, we supply not only a unique selection of readily available standard nozzles, but also have the know-how for making customized products. We would also be very pleased to advise you in person about how you can make your own processes even more efficient.

Make use of our know-how drawn from many applications. Well-known companies use Lechler nozzles for the moistening, cooling, mixing and atomization drying of viscous media.

One of our special fields is tank cleaning nozzles

Our product range comprises a wide selection of rotating tank cleaning nozzles. The nozzles are driven by the cleaning fluid. Lechler tank cleaning nozzles operate at low pressures between 1 and 10 bar. The main cleaning effect is achieved by the special spray pattern and spray guidance. This saves energy, cleaning fluid and of course expensive cleaning time. Lechler tank cleaning nozzles are used for small tanks with a diameter of 1 m through to large tanks with diameters up to 16 m. You can choose between fixed installations in CIP plants or applications mounted on mobile appliances.
Tankreinigungsdüsen Sortiment Sprühbild Tankreinigungsdüse

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Brochure "Tank and Equipment Cleaning Nozzles" (PDF)

Wide range of standard nozzles, e. g. for

  • Moistening
  • Cooling
  • Mixing
  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Atomization of viscous liquids

Applications from A to Z

  • Absorption, Adsorption, Adiabatic Cooling
  • Belt Lubrication & Cooling
  • Cryogenics, Coating, Cleaning in Place (CIP), Conveyor Lubrication, Condensation, Cooling, Centrifuge Cleaning
  • Decontamination, Disinfection, Dosing, Dedusting, Degassing, Denitrification, Drying, Droplet Separators
  • Emergency Showers, Evaporation, Extinguishing equipment
  • Flash Evaporation, Filter Cleaning, Fire Protection, Foam Suppression, Flue Gas Desulfurization, Fluidized Bed Technology
  • Gas Treatment, Granulation
  • High Pressure Cleaning, Humidification
  • Impregnation, Injection Cooling
  • Jet Cutting
  • Mixing Devices
  • NOx Removal
  • Oven Cooling, Oversaturation
  • Pelletizing
  • Quenching
  • Rain Curtains, Reactor Cleaning, Retrofitting of Air Cooling Banks
  • Spray Drying, Spraying filled and packed Columns, Scrubbers, Steam, Spray Separating Agents, Sand Jetting
  • Tank Cleaning, Temperature Control
  • Venturi Scrubbers
  • Water Treatment, Waste Gas Treatment
  • Zone Cleaning
LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Brochure "Chemical and Process Industry" (PDF)