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Innovative nozzle technology makes innovative surface technology possible

Innovative nozzle technology makes innovative surface technology possible

Whether we’re checking thepaint on a high-end sedan orhow well a dishwasher works – surfaces make or breakour first impression of productquality. Along with the quality aspect, surface characteristics are also decisive when it comes to function. One good example: the sophisticated pre-treatment steps in the PC Band photovoltaic industries. But no matter what the sector, all surface treatments include work steps such as cleaning, rinsing, drying, etching, or applying. To achieve optimum results, the required nozzles must be a perfect fit for the respective application. This demands a high degree of expertise, as well as a broad range of suitable products. Additional knowledge and experience in surface technology applications is particularly helpful, as this simplifies the planning process and enable confident decision-making. What’s more, Lechler carefully documents the performance data for all nozzle types – so you can easily access all relevant data inadvance.


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