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News General Industry

Overview of all news of General Industry:

TankClean Software

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/07_Aktuell/meldungen/produkte/aktuelles_icon_tankclean-sw_EN_80x80px.jpg New! TankClean Software – The software for spray shadow simulation. Perfect planning of tank cleaning. With the new Lechler TankClean software a customer-specific spray shadow simulation is possible.

Lechler Industry App - Your mobile calculator "to go"

Industry App All important calculation and conversion programs for nozzle technology combined in one App.
  • Unit converter for pressure, volume and flow rate
  • Pressure/flow rate calculator for single-fluid nozzles including axial flow full cone nozzles
  • Calculation of pipe diameters

PopUp Whirly - the new nozzle for tank and equipment cleaning

The new extendible rotating cleaning nozzle PopUp Whirly is designed for the installation in the tank wall and represents a very efficient, powerful cleaning.

New nozzles for Tank and Equipment Cleaning

Three new series for tank and equipment cleaning: For small to medium-sized and large tanks Lechler offers further tank cleaning nozzles additionally to the existing wide product range.

Council Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004

Lechler precision nozzles fulfill the Council Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 beside the FDA requirements.

Belt lubrication nozzle made of solid plastic

The one-piece solid plastic nozzle from Lechler. The solution for a cost-effective belt lubrication.

MiniSpinner and MicroSpinner in Hastelloy

Both rotating cleaning nozzles  "MiniSpinner" and "MicroSpinner" are availaible with a new material. To serve applications in chemical industry the rotating cleaning nozzles were manufactured in material Hastelloy C22 as well.

New tank cleaning machine "IntenseClean Hygienic" 5TA/5TB

The new Lechler tank cleaning machine allows a very efficient cleaning of containers and equipment. The strong full-rays solve even the most difficult cleaning tasks.

New brochure for tank and equipment cleaning

Tank cleaning nozzles play an important role in process technology, e.g. in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry or chemical industry. From small containers up to big tanks, Lechler offers the right solution.

Solenoid Valve 166 H

The stainless steel body attached to an electrically actuated solenoid valve offers the possibility to clock the spray application flexibly.

Full cone nozzles Series 490

The new generation of full cone nozzles developed via computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

NEW: Brochure for the Chemical Industry

This new brochure gives a detailed overview of our products for the chemical industry.

Lechler Online Shop for industrial nozzles

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/00_homepage/content/Onl_shop_keyvisual_245rgb_80x80px_en.jpg Order your nozzles quick and easy via the Lechler Online Shop. Make use of the various options to check out prices, delivery time and stock.

NEW: Broschure VarioSpray II

This new brochure gives an overview of the new nozzle valve system for the variable atomization of very small liquid volumes.

Lechler nozzles as design data online available

From now there are 3D design data of our series program available for industrial applications for your design work.

HygienicWhirly for cold aseptic filling systems

Cold aseptic filling systems have given rise to new system concepts for disinfecting and sterilising bottles and caps, in cleaning and disinfection technology and in system and machine hygiene.

New tank cleaning videos

Watch our new tank cleaning videos compact on our website.