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Basic knowledge

Find in this category all to know about the nozzle.

Principal facts of spray nozzle technology

Find out more about nozzle types and spray geometries, coverage, overlapping in broadcast spraying, nozzle maintenance


In the field of plant protection, the agent-laden droplets that do not land on the target surface but are instead carried off by the wind or thermal currents are referred to as drift.


The percentage share of target surface that is covered with the active agent is chiefly dependent on a number of technical, chemical and biotic factors. If the recommended application rates are adhered to, coverage should amount to at least 10 to 15%.

Nozzle selection via characteristic curves

Nozzles of a particular type and size can be selected from characteristic curves with allowance for the desired forward speed according to the following criteria:

  • Application rate (l/ha)
  • desired atomization characteristic for the product employed and crop concerned


Use our exchange programs for flow rate, density and application parameters

Inspection of equipment

Modern plant protection management, i.e., a form of practice that is both thrifty and conservational, is decisively dependent on the accurate application of plant protectants.

General safety instructions

Please see our General safety instructions