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Solid stream nozzles

The smooth solid stream is also known as the so-called "primary jet". Actually, the solid stream nozzle is not supposed to produce an atomized spray pattern, because it has been designed for maximum jet power. Here, the skill of Lechler design engineers was challenged to prevent concentrated, straight jets from disintegrating into drops at large distances.



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Application overview

  • cleaning installations
  • storage tank cleaning
  • aerating of bulk goods
  • recycling of liquids
  • high pressure cleaning



Thanks to optimum flow geometries, Lechler solid stream nozzles produce compact, transparent solid stream jets of defined lengths. The almost turbulence-free liquid inflow achieves excellent efficiency, even without jet stabilizer inserts.

For all cleaning processes, cutting operations and applications requiring perfect, punctiform jet impacts, i. e. whenever the point is to generate concentrated jet power, the precision of Lechler solid stream nozzles enhances productivity and performance of your plant.


Lechler high-pressure solid stream nozzles

We have a wide range of special hardened stainless steel nozzles for high-pressure applications, with carbide metal inserts as an option. High-pressure solid stream nozzles produce a closed, stable, powerful solid jet that does not break away, even at very high pressures.

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